behind the scenes with bambii the label

Behind the scenes of our recent shoot we had the pleasure of working with mammas of all differing stages of their mothering journey. 
We had Sophie (@svpearce) who was 28 weeks pregnant with little Poppy (featured in our shoot), Kerrilee (@kerileelee) who was 29 weeks pregnant, Jayde (@londonboston) who is a mother of three, Ash ( ashleigh.casey) with 5 month old Alby (featured in our shoot) and a toddler and Jaz (jazminmiles) also a mother to a toddler. 
It was a beautiful laid back day where mammas were invited to bring their little ones and have them join in on the shoot and to have them close by to cater for feeding and nap times. 
We laughed and we danced listening to empowering female artists with a mix of the Wiggles to keep Poppy entertained...We would be lying if we said it didn’t add an extra kick to our poses. 
As the creators of Bambii, We also chose to feature in our shoot. This is because we wanted the women to feel as comfortable as possible on the day and to feel as empowered as we do in Bambii. We simply couldn’t be fully dressed whilst these beautiful mammas were able to allow themselves to be vulnerable.
The day was exactly what we had hoped for and more... a bunch of incredible woman and mothers, having a laugh, lifting one another up and feeling comfortable in their own skin.
Love Bambii xx
Photographer: She Cried Wolf

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