it's launch day!

The day is finally here (insert sigh of relief)

We sit here writing this with a sense of bewilderment as to what we have achieved and that the day is actually here FOR REAL!

Today marks almost one year since we were sitting on the couch on one of our regular family dinners and we were both quite literally thinking of ways we could place some extra creativity that could also potentially allow us spend more time with our boys in the future. 

After listing off breastfeeding apparatuses we thought we could invent we realised what we were missing/craving as new mummas was the feeling of being so comfortable in our own skin when feeding, and what better way to help then create a bra that achieved that. We must admit, the bra started off a lot less practical but a lot more sexy (lots of lace). That’s not to say we wont head in that direction in the future but after researching fabrics that would best suit those tender boobies and cracked nipples we came to conclusion that Organic Cotton would do us the honor in becoming our fabric for The Coast Collection. It suited the Lounger Bra and Brief with its qualities shining in the comfort department, providing enough give and shaping the body beautifully from bump to bub. Not only does this suit our vision perfectly but environmentally it aligned with our values. 

Throughout this learning process we have endeavored to make sustainability the heart of Bambii. We wish for these pieces to be worn long and well through good care, if you no longer have use for our product we encourage you to hand your pieces in to a second hand store, donate to charity or pass on to a fellow mumma-to-be.  

We are constantly learning ways to achieve this during all processes of production right down to packaging which is why our pieces will be packaged in compostable bags by The Better Packaging Co who support our vision in providing the most sustainable solutions.  

With the ebbs and flows of our creativity and often our momentum we really feel we have come to a point where we feel so proud of where we are. We have our two boys who have absolutely fuelled our dreams and our partners who have supported us 100% of the way.  We are so grateful!


We are so excited for the day to be here, we really hope those who wish to wear Bambii feel the sense of empowerment in our pieces as we hoped for when designing them. 


love Jaz and Ash