Q&A with Sophie Pearce from Grounds of Cabarita



We recently interviewed the beautiful familiar face to Bambii as well as one of our favourite instagram mummas. Sophie Pearce also known as @svpearce is first time mother to incredibly cute Poppy. Soph (and Poppy) are often our point of reference to all that is fashion, food, mummahood and all round bloody life in general #mumgoals. 

Firstly we are so grateful to have shot our pieces with such a beautiful mumma. I think we were drawn to you because not only are you beautiful but you are so natural in the way you mother. We love that your profile consists of the everyday messy and funny moments as a mum as well as the beautiful ones. 

First thank you for your kind words! Won’t be able to fit my head out the door soon! 

On that note we want to know how you manage to look younger after having a baby whilst we are over here being held hostage by Caffeine? 

I definitely do not look younger now than before but thank you for thinking that, might be tactful filters on instagram tricking you there! 

I would say I have been blessed with a generally cruisey baby and she’s quite a good sleeper. My husband has a really flexible job, so he’s around a lot to help which makes things easier. 

We were already people who were early to bed and early to rise, so that hasn’t really changed too much either!

Tips? Tricks? Routine? We’ll take it! 

I am one of those classic people who swore before I had a baby that I would never have a routine, but just like the rest i succumbed to one haha. 

But no from about 4 months on Poppy fell into a bit of a routine naturally, where she would sleep, feed, play for around an hour and a half and then go back to sleep. 

Then around 6 months we implemented a bit more of educated routine (from Save Our Sleep, I know I eye-rolled at this book pre-child too) and it helped so much with her sleep and her even her mood during the day too. 

Since starting this routine I have actually found our lives way more flexible, because I know when she’s going to need to sleep rather than just winging it. 

We see you and your Man, Nick still go and enjoy date nights, how have things changed post Pops and what do you think helps keep the spark alive in between diaper changes? 

Yeah both of our families live in Melbourne and we live in Northern NSW, so we make the most of every opportunity when they come up to spend some one on one time together. We are so lucky to have families that genuinely want to spend time with Poppy and don’t see it as a chore. So its a win win really! 

In terms of spark.. my husband could keep his spark/flame alive in water haha! Good luck ever trying to dampen that down. 

Date nights definitely help, Poppy having a reasonable bed time means that we get time to ourselves every night, good communication about where we each need help so that we can avoid getting too exhausted. I don’t know I don’t think I have anything too ground breaking, but it definitely takes more work than before bub. 

If you have had obstacles how did you overcome them? 

Oh definitely! We laugh now when we hear of people having kids to save a marriage or a relationship. We can’t think of anything that could wedge you further apart! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nick more than ever since having Poppy and nothing makes my heart burst like seeing them together, but if you have issues in your relationship, a baby just puts a magnifying glass on those parts. 

So far, any obstacles we have had we have overcome by confronting them front on, being honest with one another but being kind on one another too because everything is so new! 

You always dress so effortlessly. What would be your staple go to basics?
Especially when pregnant and now breastfeeding! 

Oh thank you so much! It helps when your best friend owns an amazing clothing boutique hah. 

I like neutral colours, because it means most of your wardrobe can come together seamlessly rather than limiting yourself to an item that will own match one other thing in your wardrobe. 

I also generally like clothes with an oversized fit and loose flowing materials, so this made things easier when I was pregnant cause I could wear my normal wardrobe. Towards the end I was definitely buying a size or two up, but it meant I didn’t have to buy the typical maternity items. 

My go to brands during this time of transition in my life (of expanding and then shrinking again haha) would be Deiji studios, Bassike, Zulu and Zephyr, Yoli and Otis and Maurie and Eve.  

We utilised your beautiful house Grounds of Cabarita on our photo shoot (Thank you) and we have noticed it being used for many shoots since as well as being advertised on airbnb how did that venture start? 

Yes Grounds of Cabarita has been my other little baby. 

It’s obvious you have a lot of women who look up to you and follow your journey on social media. Who would be your top three inspirational women/influencers? 

Oh thats a tough one. I’m not really someone who looks up to celebrities or people that I don’t know that much. Like I will follow other women and think oh thats cool or wow she’s strong how she dealt with that etc. but I know that everyone on instagram is going through their own shit and are we as followers only see such a small curated snap shot of that. 

I am most inspired by the people around me.. 

- My mum, especially now I am a mum, for the amount she gave to us as children all day every day 

- My best friend Tiffany, for taking a huge risk this year and opening her own retail store this year and bloody nailing it! (And still helping me navigate motherhood at the same time) 

- My friends who have become mums this year too (for example Steph who was in the shoot with me for Bambii, Tess who photographed it and my sister in law who had her first bub 4 days after me) 

I’m sure the list goes on! 

In terms of women who I enjoy following and get entertained by following them or truly like/get joy from their pictures: 

- Jayde from @londonxboston

- @thesimplefolk

- @sarahshabacon 

When becoming a new mum we tend to purchase non-essentials mainly based off the unknown. Looking back now what are your must have baby items for the first few months of bub? 

Oh yep! Spent so much unnecessary money and time on things that never got used/worn haha! 

Our favourite newborn items were: 

- Our Baby Nest Co sleeper bassinet- sits alongside the bed and can put the side down so that you don’t have to get up at all to pick up bub and they are next to you but safely in their own spot 

- Two Tykes wraps - they swaddle the best!! 

- Snuggle Me Organic lounger 

- Fabric carriers - we had a Chekoh Baby One and  a Yoli and Otis one 

You have been on quite a few family holidays with pops including Tasmania. Any tips on how to make it more seamless with a baby? Any holidays in the pipeline? 

Haha I wouldn’t say any travel is seamless with a baby, but we feel it is definitely worthwhile nonetheless! 

We find trying to schedule short flights at the same time that Poppy naps, but obviously this isn’t possible for long haul flights. 

Get a good travel pram and a good baby carrier (we love the Baby YoYo Zen travel stroller and the Ergo Baby 360). 

Don’t plan too much!! You can’t see as many sites, do as many things as pre-baby, so don’t try to squeeze too much into each day. 

Poppy on past trips has been a shocking sleeper and because we are off to Japan in January for a month we have been getting her used to the portacot at home. We started by her having some day naps in it, and now she sleeps each night in it, and we move her around different rooms so she gets completely used to it. It seemed to work a charm when we took the travel cot with us to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago so fingers crossed!! 

If you had one piece of advise for pre-mum Sophie what would it be? 

- That its cliche, yes, but true when people say it goes so fast! 

- Go on movie dates with Nick (my husband) before bub comes. 

- Don’t fight having a routine haha! It helps with flexibility (well for us anyway) 

What would be your biggest lesson learnt to date since having Poppy?

The points above, plus I’ve learnt that being a mum is tough, but a different kind of tough. Like so mentally challenging while mind numbing at times hah! In saying that, it is still the best. 

I have also learnt more to not give a shit what any one else is doing or what anyone else thinks. This is what my husband has always been good at but I have always been a bit of a people pleaser. 

Now I’m more selfish in the way, that if it isn’t good for my little family or doesn’t serve us well then I’m not interested!